Rory Farrell



Stuart Lochhead Sculpture is is a start-up specialising in the collection and sale of sculpture. They needed a a complete brand design, including common peripheries such as a website and branded collateral.

This branding design started from the creation of a business card (above). Stuart Lochhead sculpture has an art collection ranging from the renascence period to the twentieth century. The business card expresses this range by subtly combining a classic style with a post-modernist one.
The logo within the logotype uses the double 'H' in the centre of the Lochhead name to produce a clean, classic icon. It also resembles Roman numerals, a reference to the neoclassical nature of the master works the collector has to offer.
The intention of the business card was to have many substitutes for the central image. These images could be updated as the art collection changes. This also has the commercial advantage of a potential customer being able to take a card that reflects their particular interest in the collection.


Instead of being geared towards e-commerce, the website functions more of a teaser, to display a representative sample Lochhead's collection. Like the logo and business cards, the website's aesthetic is a combination of classic and modernist styles.